Cost-efficient range of double two-side coated papers and boards, especially designed for toner based printing

Premium Papers for HP Indigo and dry toner

Product Benefits

  • Excellent ink adhesion within a very short time 
  • Outstanding ink transfer 
  • Superb runnability (precision cut enables trouble-free duplex printing) 
  • Brilliant finishing properties 
  • High scratch resistance 
  • Promotes long blanket life 
  • Suitable for all established dry-toner devices (e.g. Konica Minolta, Xeikon, Xerox) 


  • Dry toner 
  • HP Indigo 



  • Photobooks 
  • Mailings 
  • Brochures and collateral 
  • Calendars 
  • Folders 
  • Flyer 
  • Business cards