Service Converting

In addition to premium quality speciality paper and boards, we offer added value to other partners by providing contractual paper and cartonboard converting with a variety of specialist equipment.

Our expertise and experience in processing paper and cartonboard with the utmost care enable us to provide superior services whenever a transformation from reel to sheet or a bespoke solution is required. Thanks to our optimal location in the centre of Europe we serve as your gateway to Germany and the entire European market and beyond!

Our Services

  • Converting from reel to sheet 
  • Ream wrapping 
  • Guillotining 
  • Embossing 
  • Logistic services 
  • Sample service 
  • Laboratory service 

Your Benefits

  • Conveniently situated for customers 
  • Optimally located in the centre of the European Market 
  • Tailor-made service 
  • Short lead times 
  • Flexibility 
  • Extra capacity to complement any sheeting shortage 

Technical Capabilities

  • Seven sheet cutters annual capacity >150k tonnes 
  • Cut-size line annual capacity >17.5k tonnes 
  • Ream wrapping machinery annual capacity of 20k tonnes 
  • Two guillotines 
  • On-site pallet production