Zanders has a comprehensive range of coated and uncoated papers and boards for numerous applications

The impressive labels range includes a cast-coated, premium grade Chromolux and a high-quality and cost-effective, one-side double coated Zanlabel. As a result of various wet strength grades, the range includes the ideal label for every application, from Champagne and spirit bottles, to beer, wine, water and PET bottles. Zanders offers a range of surface finishes, including embossed, natural and high gloss, to reflect your brand image. 


We also offer diverse packaging solutions. High-gloss Chromolux ensures the perfect presentation of premium packaging, e.g. for cosmetics and luxury consumer goods. Yet Chromolux is not merely suitable for offset printing. In fact, we have developed a Chromolux digital version specifically for the unique demands of digital printing. Zanpack and Zanpack silk digital, our high-quality board range for sophisticated packaging, yields outstanding print results.  


Our range has been supplemented by a new product family – Zanbarrier, Zankraft and Zanflex. These papers have been developed especially for contact with food. Zanbarrier is water-, fat- and oil-resistant uncoated paper. Zankraft is an uncoated kraft paper for flexible packaging with matt, silk and gloss surfaces and can also be used as laminate. Zanflex is the basis for flexible packaging of all kind and rounds off the one-side coated paper of this product family.